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    M1 refuses to connect to wifi

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      i have a new M1, i've physically connected everything, installed the Windows and Android app, and i keep getting errors on first initialization.


      i have a DIR-615 router, the app recognizes the M1 device correctly however after entering the wifi password (the password that is entered is correct), it says there is a problem with it.


      in the router i can see the M1 deice recieved an IP address correctly, i've even assign to it static IP in my network, however keeps showing me the A-405 error or password is incorrect.


      I've tried using Ethernet cable and WPS as well, using the Windows and Android app - all with the same result.


      I've open port 5031 on my router as well.


      ive verified the wifi settings are correct (and not on Auto). it's WPA2 encryption.


      Thanks in advanced.