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    Degraged Picture Quality With Pro

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      I've had a slingbox pro for several years.  I had a great picture when I had Directv.  However, I switched to AT&T Uverse 1.5 years ago and the picture has been crummy ever since.  By crummy, I mean that the picture is blurry even when I'm on my home network where the picture used to be almost perfect.  It is very tough to watch a sporting event.

      I tried resetting the unit and using s-video and coax to get the signal to the pro box.  But, the problem persists.  I will be traveling during a big game this fall and I am wondering if it is worth it to buy a new slingbox to see if the picture is better.  Does the M2 or 500 have a better picture?

      All thoughts and advice welcome.  Thanks.