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    Strange Slingbox app behavior IN MY CAR!  Slingbox app turns itself on in my car, without any wifi, and it works!  Help!

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      When getting out of my Prius the other day, I did the normal stuff to shut down the engine, but I kept hearing some audio coming out of ....somewhere.  I checked my iPhone 6 and that's where the audio was coming from.  But the strangest part was there wasn't any app that was open when I double-tapped the home button.  The audio was from the last TV channel I was watching on the TV that's connected to my Slingbox.  But I wasn't connected to any wifi AND my car was now off!  But the audio kept coming through!  I went to my Slingbox app on my iPhone and "opened" it, and as soon as it opened, it must have realized that, "Oops, I'm not connected to anything so I better disconnect."  This was the only way I could stop the audio from coming through the iPhone.  This has happened 4 times now over the past two weeks, and I've had to open the Slingbox app each time to stop the audio. 


      My Prius will scan for a source of audio when it powers up:  Radio, Sirius XM, iPod, and my iPhone via Bluetooth.  But for it to be getting a Slingbox channel when the Slingbox app isn't open and there's no wifi connection is baffling!

      Does anybody know what's going on here?