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    Slingbox + Plex?

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      I do not have a slingbox but looking to get the slingbox 500 even with the ads they have today.  My question is about the interface.


      It seems like there are some channels/apps that you have on the main screen.  Is it possible to watch Plex content through Slingbox?  I am trying to replace my old outdated Sony GoogleTV BluRay NSZ-GT1 machine as it seems like they are not making anything with a passthrough in the near future.  This device has become extremely slow to watch anything through Plex, takes about 50 seconds to start playing a new movie when my Roku device launches it in under 2 seconds both hardwired with LAN.  I would drop $300 if Slingbox has this functionality but it makes me uncomfortable to drop that and have no idea if it will do what I want.


      Basically we have 3 tvs right now, I am looking to have DTV -> Slingbox -> TV for our main living room TV.  In the master bed I am looking to have Roku -> TV and view live TV from the slingbox app & plex through their app which has been working great.  Our 3rd TV would be setup similar to the Master Bedroom tv.


      So does slingbox work with Plex, what has been your experience with it?