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    Best recommendation for configuration...  please advise


      (this is a duplicate post form the Windows forum... not sure where I should have posted)


      I have been a "slinger" since day  one of the original Sling.  Still working great, too!!  However, I'm  looking for a hookup that will give me the best, clearest picture.   Here's what I want to do:


      I want to use the Sling on my router/cable box at  home (I have no problem upgrading to the Pro-HD box).  I want to buy a  42" plasma tv in a completely separate city and have whatever is being  slung on the TV.  If I need a computer with a particular kind of  videocard where the plasma TV is, I'm fine with that.  I also have no  problem changing channels on the computer, and not on the TV directly.


      I  appreciate any advice you guys have to give.  Thanks!