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    no video on tv HD ready via Hdmi from slingbox 500

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      Good afternoon.     


      I have three Slingbox, a Classic, a Solo and, now, a Slingbox 500.

      I have purchased the Slingbox 500 used by a private seller on e-bay. He declared that the Slingbox was practically new.

      I jointed the Slingbox to a sat receiver by Hdmi cable as input.

      As output I used a monitor Samsung Syncmaster 960 HD (ready) via a Hdmi/DVI cable. With my surprise, no video reached the monitor.

      In order to configure the Sling, I tried so with another tv, always a Samsung, of some years ago.

      No problem with this. I configured the Slingbox 500 without any particular effort.

      As I need to use the first monitor as tv receiver, I modified the resolution of the output of Sling up to 720p. No change: no video reachs the monitor from Slingbox 500.

      How may I do?