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    Is a digital tuner required to installing a Slingbox Pro HD to coax cable tv without a cable box?

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      I have Suddenlink basic cable which does not require a cable box...only a coax cable from coax wall outlet to TV.

      I have an Arris CM820 cable modem & Linksys EA3500 wifi router.


      I recently purchase a Slingbox Pro HD for the simple reason that it has coax input on back whereas the newer models do not.


      Slingbox Pro HD is currently installed as follows:

      Coax wall outlet -> Coax cable to 2-way splitter -> Coax cable to Cable Modem -> Ethernet cable to wifi router

                                                                            -> Coax cable to Slingbox Pro HD -> Ethernet Cable to wifi router


      A Television is not required within my setup which is only for remote viewing via computer desktop & Android cell phone.


      I had to download SlingPlayer 2.0 b/c the newer software does not work with the Slingbox Pro HD (older model slingbox)

      All lights are eliminated on front of the slingbox and the "Setup Assistant" recognizes the slingbox on the network.


      My issue is, while running the Setup Assistant scan for available channels it says it has found 56 analog scrambled (encrypted) channels and NO unscrambled channels which would be available for viewing.


      Would someone please assist me in completing my setup? Is some kind of converter box required for my slingbox to receive my channels as unscrambled? If so, at what part of my setup should that be installed?


      I am at a loss for ideas as to what I can do at this point so that I can finally watch my cable TV subscription remotely via computer desktop and android cell phone.


      PLEASE HELP ASAP as this is the 2nd time I have posted requesting help for this same issue with no response... THANKS!