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    Bell 9242 and Slingbox 500

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      We have a Bell 9242 and Slingbox 500.  The IR remote on the satellite was replaced recently, and we have now done the slingplayer update.   The onscreen remote looks just like our remote, but it only controls volume and mute, nothing else (not even on and off).  I have followed various discussion threads, trying different remotes that are supposedly the same as the 9242, and did the IR Blaster test.  Nothing works.  Anyone with any help ides out there?  Thanks.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          All Bell Express boxes use the Dish Network codes so any of those remotes should have an effect (ignore the volume, it isn't controlling your device it is adjusting the Slingplayer volume).   


          Are you sure the device hasn't had it's remote address charged ?   Dish Network allow 32 different addresses to allow for multiple boxes in the same room.    Check the setting in the Menu

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              Thanks for the thoughts, Alan.  It is a new (replacement) remote which is

              convertible between IR and UHF (I do have it set on IR), so that perhaps may

              have something to do with it.  I¹ve tried 4 or 5 Dish remotes and none

              either look the same, or work.  I¹ll have a further look at more of them,

              and the remote address issue, later today.  Thanks again for your help!