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    Slingbox AV SB240-100 Desktop software support

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      A friend passed along his Slingbox AV SB240-100 hardware however he did not keep his disc/software.  Current SlingPlayer Desktop software (v.5.0.92) does not recognize this device as it's looking for a serial number that's configured (8 digits, 4 digits, 8 digits, 4 digits, 8 digits) while the SB240 has 10 digits only.


      I have the IP address for this device and have linked to it via Ethernet without success.  Both red lights on the device are on, not flashing.


      SlingPlayer sees the device but won't connect to it.


      Does anyone still have the old SlingPlayer Desktop software that they used to setup a SB240-100?


      Can anyone help me out?


      Thank you in advance.