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    Better immediate support by phone or even email  of upgrades is needed

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      I upgraded to your latest online app. Didn't work. Very frustrating. I called and got the usual shpiel about not being in warranty and having to pay, but I stayed on the phone until a technician came on and helped me. And since it was an upgrade issue not a hardware issue and I did not feel I should pay for that, I was not asked to do so. The tecnhician helped me a lot and I was able to finally get back to watch TV.  My comments below I submitted for feed back, twice, but have no idea if slingbox got my comments because most sites will say thank you for contacting us, and this one says NOTHING. So here is the feed back I sent:


      I did speak with someone on the phone today because my problem had to do with the new upgrade which totally did not let me get on the web. slingbox/watch site. For issues like this, that are related to your upgrades and not my computer or my slingbox, there needs to be live support not just community support.  This is what bothers me about a lot of electronic device companies. I feel that in issues like this, the company needs to be readily available by phone and stand behind what they do.  The tech person I spoke with suggested I download the desktop app, which I had no idea  was  still available. Is that information posted some where on your site? How  to trouble shoot non working upgrades? I certainly didnt see it.


      Years ago I was told I didn’t need a desktop app anymore and online streaming was the way to go,  and it was pretty good until this morning.This kind of information needs to be easily found on your support website. I didn’t feel like writing the community and waiting for an answer, which I may or may not have gotten. I needed that one to one live conversation right then when I wanted to watch my TV. Please take my suggestions at heart. I am still evaluating the desktop app to see if it is problem free. I did have some issues ealier when I was sitting out side, and my computer kept shutting down even when I connected it to electricity.  Not sure if was the app causing my computer to shut down or not which happened more than twice.  I eventually got some kind of notice out of the blue that my password might be interfering with firewall. Why all of a sudden would that be a problem? Is the SB app incompatable somehow?  But I’ll let you know if it continues to be a problem. It is working right now.


      Over all I do not appreciate the lack of email support. I don't know why you and others have withdrawn email support, but if you don't have it then you need telephone and or chat support. I good, reliable company would provide this service for it's customers. Afterou warrenty period is pretty short but does not cover issues like your software issues which need continual FREE support whenever you comes out with new upgrades. 


      I appreciate the phone support the slingbox technician gave me.  If you didn't have such a good product, I certainly wouldn't want to be dependent on your company. It has always been someone of a problem in the support area even from the first slingbox I ever got.