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    Player freezing on all devices randomly after 3-20 minutes

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      I've had my Slingbox 500 for about 2 years w/ out any issues...about two weeks ago (no changes to any network configurations) it started freezing (or black screen) randomly anywhere from 3-20 minutes.  The quality is always great before freezing and it will reconnect immediately when I try to.

      The issue appears to be with receiving internet because when I run over LTE on my phone in never disconnects.  I've tried several devices or wifi and Ethernet (fire stick, PC, ipad, phone) and all have the same issue.  My receiving internet is 71 mbps download and my upload where the slingbox is 11 mbps.  I do notice that using the web player the connection will be excellent and then will degrade to fair before disconnecting.  I either get an error connecting code (can't remember the number) or P-33.  I even set the bandwidth to minimum but nothing changes.

      I have Xfinity internet and their modem...is it potentially dying or are they throttling slingbox traffic?  I find it odd that streaming anything else has no issues and is very high quality and I don't seem to have any breaks in network connection but I don't know what else to try.  Can anyone help?