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    Using Chromecast with Slingplayer


      I am trying to use my computer and my Galaxy tab s to cast the slingplayer onto my tv.  All other apps or programs work.  Netflix, HBO, Starz all work will with the Chromecast.  I can even watch a movie on my laptop through a chrome window and it works great.  What I can't do is get slingplayer to work.  When I run slingplayer on the chrome browser it brings up a new window (slingplayer) and the cast symbol is not on the window to cast.  When I cast from my tablet it acts like it is going to cast.  I can see slingplayer come up on the TV and then the TV goes back to the unused cast stream and the slingplayer app just shuts down.  I have the latest versions of everything installed.  Slingplayer (chrome browser and app), chrome browser,etc...  Please help.