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    General Comments from an iPad user

    brucemcl Newbie

      The iPhone app needs full screen on iPad - picture quality on iPad over WiFi is just barely good enough to watch, not as good as youtube.


      The iPhone app needs an easier way of adding channels to favorites, such as add by number and add current.

      The iPhone app needs an easier way of editing the order of favorite channels The pluses are very awkward. How about dragging icons around with a finger?

      In the iPHone app, There is room for improvement in the remote area. The remote buttons do work, but there are a lot of tabs to navigate and a lot of sliding to do.

      In the iPhone app, a channel guide would be nice, although Comcast makes an app for that and zap2it.com on Safari is useable.

        • Re: A specific suggestion for iPad UI Improvement
          brucemcl Newbie

          1. Swipe left presses the "Last" button.

          2. Swipe right brings up the list of favorites. Press a favorite, you go there and the list disappears. Of course there is an edit button on the favorites list.

            • Re: iPhone 2.0 app comments
              brucemcl Newbie

              The new iPhone app runs better on my iPad. The built-in guide is nice. It's easier to add favorites. It still takes 4 taps to change to the last used channel though. And I still think that swiping left or right for favorites is not very helpful. I'd rather have left be most recent channel and right bring up a list of all of my favorites.