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    Need advice choosing best slingbox, etc. for use with basic cable (no cable box.)

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      I have Suddenlink basic cable which requires no cable boxes...only a coax cable from port in wall to TV.

      I have an Arris CM820 cable modem & Linksys EA3500 wifi router.


      PLEASE assist me in what I will need to properly watch my TV subscription via Android cell phone or desktop player with the intention to "sling" to a TV via Roku.

      Recently, I purchased a Slingbox PRO HD with the assumption since it has coax ports on back I should be able to just attach a coax cable and all would be well.


      I had it setup like this:

      Coax wall outlet -> Coax cable to 2-way splitter -> Cable Modem -> Ethernet cable to wifi router

                                                                            -> Slingbox Pro HD -> Ethernet cable to wifi router


      A TV is not required to setup Slingbox at home for remote viewing only.


      I had to download SlingPlayer 2.0 b/c the newer software does not work with a Slingbox Pro HD. (older model slingbox)

      Power light, network light and Slingbox logo light were on and the SlingPlayer 2.0 recognized my Slingbox Pro HD on the network.


      My issue is while running the setup process it recognized 55 (scrambled) analog channels, and no unscrambled or digital channels.


      It seems everything is hooked up and working properly, but it says "0 channels available for remote viewing" or something along those lines...


      Is there a specific converter box of sorts that I must purchase for the Slingbox to recognize and allow viewing of the 55 analog channels? If so, where in my setup should the converter to be installed so the Slingbox will recognize the basic cable analog channels?


      Your quick responses will be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!