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    Now TV by Sky

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      Hoping for help with completing the setup of a recently purchased Slingbox M1 to a Now TV media player from Sky (purchased in the UK)


      Research prior to purchase led me to a post from someone who had used one of the Roku virtual remote settings successfully - however this is not working for me 


      The setup error only occurs at the final step of the setup process when attempting to test the remote (F-16) - disconnected due to internal error or poor connection (connection is fine till this point so assuming it has to be that the device settings are not the right ones)


      As suggested, have tried all other combinations of Sky / Roku options none of which seem to be suitable


      Have had a long look through the forums (where there are one or two references to Now TV box / Slingbox setup issues but unfortunately no solutions) and have also explored the possibility of loading a third party custom remote file - where again no obvious solution is found


      Grateful for any helpful information including even alternatives to a Now TV box that are simpler to setup and are know to be compatible





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          alanrichey42 Master

          You are right, the Sky Now TV box appears to use the same codes as the Roku XDS box.  But it has a couple of extra commands, APPS and NOW TV.    So here is a Custom Remote with these functions added to the Page+/- buttons.


          Any good ?

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              Sad to report that was no good. I have since made extensive attempts to complete the setup with careful reference to the notes in the 'How to install a Custom remote onto sling box' guide. 

              I have also tried setting up with a new Sky+ HD box instead (using the scart and composite cable). This time the exact satellite receiver and remote are available to select already but unfortunately the result is precisely the same as with the Now Tv box - everything goes swimmingly right up until the final stage of testing the remote. Get same error code F-16 and no amount of re-positioning of IR blaster or re-setting of the sling box makes the slightest difference

              Setup does run very smoothly and quickly through to connecting to the video signal and both boxes will play without delays on the laptop (macbook air) prior to hitting the remote test button.

              Wondered if it might just be a faulty box and attempted to telephone support (but judging from the automated response would need to amass a considerable reserve or energy to pursue that one further)

              Grateful for any further help you can provide should any of this add up to something

              Kind Regards,

              John Glover