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    New M1 User - am I expecting too much?

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      I recently set up an M1 to place-shift my TV and DVR when we're traveling.  Using it on a Surface 3, and this is overall pretty slick.


      The reason for my posting is that once it buffers and gets going, it will show excellent image quality, smooth streaming, etc., but then sporadically it will either pixelate, or the whole screen will go black for 5 or 10 seconds before it gets going again.  This will sporadically occur, making it difficult to really enjoy the experience.


      My TWC Connection at home is 15mbps down and 1mbps up.  Where I'm streaming remotely, it's about 10 down and 5 up.


      I have a Motorola DVR, connected by component cable to the M1.


      Is it just the 1mbps upload speed at home which is responsible for this performance, or is this just the nature of the beast, and I shouldn't expect completely smooth, buffer-free streaming?


      TWC is supposed to bump us up to 5mbps up and 35mbps down within a month or so, and perhaps that will help.


      And once, it was streaming fine, and out of nowhere, it became completely erratic, and I had the restart the sling app and connection to regain control.


      Any insight on reasonable expectations, and the connection speeds necessary to have a minimally bumpy stream, would be appreciated.