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    Sling fail.


      So in frustration I downloaded the "free" Android App and that works fine while the version I paid for keeps saying "Connection failed." This continues even after uninstalling the paid App and re-installing.


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      I suppose I should ask a question, such as, what kind of garbage is this?


      It also ticks me off that this happened while I was in the middle of trying to watch a movie. I can only assume the validation of the paid application is failing because of something on Sling's side of things.

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          Sling tech Support said it was to do with the validation on Google Play Store and to log out and back in to your google account as well as delete the cache and un-install then re-install the app.

          After trying all that and a beta version that they supplied it STILL fails to run.

          I even tried wiping the tablet and that didn't work.

          I am awaiting a response from my case being escalated as the tech guy said he has just seen an internal memo detailing a problem with Google Play.

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            Robert... in the mean time, you can run the Phone version on your tablet, and it will function OK.