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    Consistant loss of connection after steaming starts


      Since my initial setup, I have had no problem watching my sling box from another house. The last couple of days, after about 10 seconds of the sling video streaming, the video stream crashes and goes back to the slingbox icon or explorer locks up.  I have three different lap tops and a home network along with air network card I can use.  All of three of the laptop and the two networks have never had any propblems.  No matter which computer or internet access I use I have the same issue.


      - I go to slingbox home page, hit watch like I always do

      - It says connecting to sling box, and since the problem started it takes longer then usual

      - My sling box icon comes up

      - click in sling icon, takes longer than usual for it to connect to video

      - video starts and then sound usually mutes all of sudden

      - Some times I can hit one function button on remote

      - Then 10 -15 seconds later depending on the PC, screen goes white, web browser locks up, stream just stops

      - I've logged in 50 times the last 3 days with three different PCs and two internet providers. Same outcome time after time.

      - For the last two months I've had no problem watching on these 3 PCs and the 2 internet connections..



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          I have a simular issue, I have a SB HD pro (the red on). I could be using any of my devices, iPhone or iPad. It will play fine but if I get in a low signal area and loose connection then I can't get back connected (error W200). When I get home I will try to connect using my Mac to no avail, same error code. It seems to lock up, the connection light is still lit (All Three lights are on). How can I refresh my SB remotely so I don't have wait until I get home. This is very frustrating when on vacations and out of my state?  Help Please! and