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    Slingplayer Android Tablet v3.6.1 Video Freeze Help

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      Help!  A few weeks ago video on my Android tablet started to freeze.  The audio continues as usual.  I am running this over the LAN at home not over the internet.  It has worked for years and now it has stopped working so I suspect the new version of Slingplayer has created a bug. The stream rate is down to 700kbps and sometimes tops out at 1500-2000 but the video gets choppy then freezes within 10 secs.  It sometimes does recover but freezes again within seconds.  I can run the same system to my android phone and top out at 5000kbps and no freezing.  I have analyzed my home network and have tried connecting the slingbox over ethernet and over wifi with the same result.  I think this problem coincides with the new software release 3.6.1.  I don't normally pay particular attention when an app wants to upgrade so I'm not sure when I actually upgraded it (Tablet) in the last few weeks.  Coincidence?  I think not.  The only thing I can think to do is to rollback to earlier version 3.5.2??? (is that the n-1 version?) How can I find that version?  I couldn't seem to find it on my tablet or a previous backup.  What are the file names of the sling .apk that I should be looking for?  Where can I get n-1 version?


      Anyone else having problems like this?  I can give software versions of various components of my system however I don't suspect anything other than the slingplayer app based on my own sectionalization of the problem. 




      Thanks, Bill