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    Poor Performance Even with Port Forwards


      Home Location: Slingbox 350 wired to ATT Uverse Modem. Port forwards setup as follows:

      for server: Slingbox 350

      user defined: I have one port forward for UDP and another one for TCP

      Uverse is high speed with speedtest.net showing 18+mpbs downlink and 4-5mbps uplink when I test against a server in the location I want to watch my slingbox (Tacoma WA)


      Remote Location: Amazon Firestick with Slingplayer app on a 46" Sony HDTV

      remote internet is Comcast 50mbps


      Trying to watch through the Firestick to the TV is impossible...it switches between quality settings constantly, then stutters, freezes, pixelates, etc - it's just totally unusable


      Trying to watch through a laptop is better, but still often freezes, stutters, etc and there is no consistent HD connection.


      I was coached by Sling support on setting up my port forwards and they said it looked good, but performance is still horrible even with fast internet on both ends.


      The wifi in the house is fine, but I don't want to spend $100 to try out a wired option. We have Apple TV but no Apple products that can cast to it. I have the Android app on my phone which I just installed and can try when I get back there - but if it works on the phone, why isn't it working on the TV or laptop?