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    Problem connecting to  Slingbox Classic 1.6 please help

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             So, i have a slingbox classic 1.6. I have been using it for over 2 years using slingplayer desktop Suddenly last month, after using it daily, it started giving me connection problems. It will give p-31 problem errors saying about proxy or DNS errors. Nothing has changed over the 2 years. Connecting directly to the internet without routers, no proxy setting, nothing. I try using the website to watch and just says cant connect. I have tried using different computers, try to connect at different locations (meaning going to friends house to see if its my internet) and still nothing.

            The funny thing is only if i use slingbox player 1.5, it will connect. That player is very old, has very poor video quality and i just dont understand why it suddenly stopped working. Any ideas?


      thank You