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    Slingplayer Mobile App Gone After Reset of Droid


      Is there anyway to get the Slingplayer Mobile application back in the Android Marketplace after resetting my Droid?   I think I've used the same logon id and password after the reset but still the Slingplayer App. shows as not purchased.   I was told by Slingbox to contact the people at Android Market, but there appears to be no way to contact them other than a help forum, to which no one has responded.   I am leary of purchasing additional applications for my Droid phone via the Android Market, nor recommending Slingplayer Mobile to anyone with a Droid if there's no way to correct this.   I didn't have the Slingplayer app. long enough to really even use it.  Any suggestions are appreciated?

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          Guitar4Him Newbie

          Forget getting any useable help from Google about the Android Market. I, along with lots of other folks have posted a significant number of posts there concerning all kinds of purchasing/downloading/installing issues and basically, have been treated as if we were insects....as opposed to.....paying customers.  The Android OS is really gaining a place of prominence in the handheld world, but the Android Marketplace may indeed prove to be its Achilles heel.



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            eferz Expert

            There's actually a couple reasons why the Slingplayer Mobile (SPM) for Android isn't showing up in the  Google Andriod Market Place.  This is because SPM is marked as a paid, copy-protected application.  Google uses filters in the Android Mariet  to manage access based on sanctioned country, rom, and phone  combinations.


            There's a small subset of countries which have the ability to buy Andriod applications.  The country  is determined by the SIM in your mobile device not by physical  location.  So, you could get around Google's filter by using a pre-paid  SIM from one of the supported countries.


            The other filter is due to the  application being copy protected.  Google will govern your access based  on the "/system/build.prop" file.  If it is sanctioned, then Google will  have its fingerprint saved it in their database.  This can prevent  certain phone/ROM combination and rooted access from seeing any  copy-protected applications within the Andriod Market.


            The  following link best describes the issue and possible workarounds (http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-spica/98024-protected-app-market-fix-tutorial-build-prop.html).


            Once you've resolved the filtering conflict then you can use Google Goggles with the following picture.


            Or this link (market://details?id=com.slingmedia.slingPlayer)