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    SB350 not working

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      In use since Jan2015, local only. Haven't used in several weeks. Last night noticed some lights flashing intermittently, thought maybe FW update, but still flashing this AM and can't connect from either computer. The "connecting to my slingbox" times out to "not currently accessible".


      Continuously refreshing router's (Netgear r6300v2) attached devices screen shows SB for maybe 20 seconds, then gone for about the same. Similar cycle on SB - power light only for 20 secs followed by a few flashes of the light next to power and one on far right, then power + the one next to it for 20 seconds. (I assume that's network since it goes out when I unplug cable? I don't know what one box above 2 boxes is supposed to mean).


      Found that both computers (Win7 and Win8.1) had to update plugin (FF39.0).


      Also switched from Norton 360 to Norton Security a few days ago.


      Power cycle didn't help.


      No interruption of pass through from component in to composite out except an audio pop when lights change.

      Edit> Memory lapse - Make that composite-in to composite-out...


      Swapped ethernet cable to a streamer, switched it from wireless to wired mode, and tested for about 10 minutes with no network interruption.


      So I think I've narrowed the problem to the SB itself, the new plugin, or some security or firewall issue.


      Feedback appreciated...





      Edit2> Problem now appears to have been resolved by factory reset/reconfig...


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