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    4:3 Aspect Ratio on Chromecast


      I just purchased the M1 last week and so far I am really impressed. I really want to watch SlingPlayer on the TV though so I have just purchased and set up Chromecast on my Samsung SmartTV.


      When I cast from the SlingPlayer app on my Android phone to the TV the video aspect ratio is wrong... it appears to be 4:3 not 16:9. I saw a suggestion about changing the aspect ratio on the TV but that does not help at all. It is currently set at 16:9. I have also tried Wide Zoom, Zoom, 4:3 (actually squashes it even more!), Screen Fit, Smart View 1 and Smart View 2. None of them fix the problem. All other video displays on Chromecast in 16:9 correctly e.g. from YouTube.


      I'm not sure if this makes any difference but I am UK customer with a Humax YouView box which only supports HDMI (1080p/i & 720p) and Composite (SD). I do not have an HDMI cable connected and the composite is feeding the signal to the Slingbox so the signal is SD. (BTW It's a shame the M1 doesn't support HDMI in).



      Hoping that there is a solution I have not come across yet.