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    Not Just a Solo issue with freezing and dim network led


      I had an Original post that was under the Solo general discussion where there is an issue with freezing during playback and network loss.


      I hope that anyone who has a pro-hd that is having the same issue as I did will get some much needed information from here less the run around from support.


      Here was my Original post:


      I indeed had the same sort of issue. Hopefully some PRO HD owners see this thread too as it applies to them. I could not connect to my sling. I checked it visually and the network light was off. Unit out of warranty so cracked it open and I too have 2 bulging capacitors and a dead unit because of 2 $1 faulty parts. I will be going out to pickup a couple of these capacitors tomorrow to replace.


      Maybe I could send the defective ones in the unit back to Sling and they could give me a discount on the good money I spent on this box for all my wasted time having to find a solution for this myself.


      Good luck to all out of warranty.

      I have since replaced the 2 capacitors in question that affect both the Solo and the Pro-HD (picked them up from the Source in Canada about $5.00 I have since checked on ebay and you can get bulk capacitors for a buck. even after replacing the capacitors that were clearly leaking I still had no success on the unit connecting to my router (power yes, network led dim and sling logo solid) I met a nice chap while doing a service call in canada who happened to have a spare AC adaptor. brought it home and plugged it in and viola back in business.
      Kind of sucks that it took until the end of the world cup to get this back up and running but for sure it would have taken longer with a big run around from their tech support.
      By seeing the amount of posts that have been surfacng in the forums alone how long does it take them to own up to their defect as Microsoft did with their XBOX 3ROD issue and provide some relief to customers who put faith in their product. The question is will they then reimburse all the people who have paid the $150 replacement price previously.
      Only time will tell
      Good luck all