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    AD in slingplayer

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      I have been using slingbox for several years now, primarely when I am on vacation. I have 2 Slingboxes and my hole Family uses these when travelling.

      BUT the recent slingplayer update also included  a lot of AD's.

      Slingbox people --- PLEASE remove this Again. I did not purchase your product in order to give you the possibility to earn mony on my behalf by throwing me al this stupid ads from different countries.

      During the last years you always claims that the latest slingpayer upgrades are better and faster. However I have never experienced any aprovements at all in your software upgrades. In general you make a great hardware product, but extremely poor software. Especially when using developer time to throw AD's into the product.

      I hope the AD's are removed asap, otherwise I will seek other methods of streaming my TV signals.