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    "Replace HDMI with component," but it IS connected with components?!?

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      I would really appreciate some help.


      I have a Slingbox Solo with DirecTV. Cycled my router recently and had to reinstall my Slingbox.


      It had been working perfectly fine until then. I did not touch the cables at all. I have HDMI from the receiver to my TV and components connecting the receiver to the Solo.


      In fact, it actually worked for about an hour. I watched a DVRed program, but as soon as I finished and deleted it, I got the blank screen for my live DirecTV programming and the good old "This device does not support the content protection. Replace HDMI cables with components."


      Can't get it to work and am totally dumbfounded and annoyed: working one moment and not the next.


      Would VERY much appreciate any advice or suggestions.