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    from GmaJudy in Shreveport: got new comcast x1 box and do not see it in slingbox video source list


      Have purchased two Slingbox players over the years and currently been using Sling 500 for probably three years with no problems.  Received new boxes from Comcast last week and have installed the x1 with DVR to use with Slingbox.  The box is manufactured by Arris Group Inc and the Model Number is MX011ANC.  Additionally, it does not have component outputs.  When trying to reconfigure the input in the Sling set up, #1 when I select HDMI as the input I cannot see any video.  Additionally, I do not see this particular box in the listed video source equipment.  Would surely appreciate any help given as we travel a lot and connecting to my cable services at home keeping up with my "shows" has always been really nice. 

      GmaJudy in Shreveport

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hello GmaJudy!


          First, when using HDMI cables for video, you may well come across a form of copy protection coming from the cable box called HDCP (High Bandwidth Digital Copy Protection).  This would result in the cable box not allowing any video signal over HDMI to go through on the Slingbox.  Here is an article that directly relates to your situation:



          Now, your cable box does not have an HDMI output.  This leaves us with two options:


          1) You can use composite (red, white, yellow) cables with your Slingbox instead of Component cables (this is assuming your cable box has those outputs).


          2) You can opt to use an HDMI adapter, which allows you to convert the HDMI signal to a component signal for the Slingbox (and you'd still be able to use HDMI for your TV as well).  This is likely the only option for you to get a High Definition (HD) signal on your Slingbox from this cable box.  Here is some information regarding the HDMI adapter:



          Now, the virtual remote.  If it is a Comcast X1 box, you should be able to pull up a working remote by entering "Comcast X1" in the search field when searching for your manufacturer/model remote.


          Also, I believe MX011ANM, while not the exact model, is also in the list and may work for you.  This model number falls under the Comcast manufacturer in our list of remotes.


          Hope this helps!  Let us know if you have any issues with getting everything set back up!



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            Ok X1 customers. I found a solution that works and will help many. Although Slingbox support hasn't found or shared to my research.


            This solution only works for X1 with multi room boxes. Do not connect slingbox to your main X1 box, as it doesn't have component connections and are protected. Connect the slingbox to one of the satellite /multi room boxes. They have component connections and voila it worked.


            My multi room box is an PR150BNM. Although the HD channels didn't stream well. Standard Content comes through very well.