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    viewing slingbox classic behind ethernet bridge


      my home network consists of a cable modem with ooma box connected in series to my home router.  i have enable port 5001 on the router and my ooma box and am successfully seeing the HD slingbox that have on my den TV (which is hardwired into the router). but i moved my classic to another room and hooked it up to a netgear fs605 ethernet switch--along with the dvrr, tv, WI box, etc. in that room--which is backhauled using a powerline ethernet adaptor i got from direcdtv, with the other end connected to the home router listed above (also netgear), i have opened up port 5002 on my ooma and router (on the right port i think), but the slingbox is recommending to use IP address 253 and wont let me change it to the IP address of the powerline adaptor. any suggestions?