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    Problem with HDMI/Component - Support number disconnects

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      For months my Slingbox was working fine. Then a few weeks ago, I started getting the prompt that I should connect component cables (most likely due to DirectTV SOC). Problem is that I have completely disconnect the HDMI cables and My DirecTV box output has component cables running to my tv component inputs. I can see the picture fine on tv, so cables are correctly connected. However, when I connect the slingclient on iphone, it gives me a bluescreen and no signal or weak signal. As soon as I connect my HDMI cable the feed appears. But it seems only channel that works is 206 ESPN. Any other channel gives me the copy protection issues. I have set the slingbox settings to use the component settings and I can see the ltitle window on top right displaying content just fine.

      I have checked all iphone settings, and I can see it says HDMI DirectTV but it does not allow me to change it. Of course IE11 64bit does not seem to be supported and I assume the only place to change this is through PC browser? Chroem won;t install on my computer either. Is there a setting to force the client (iphone) to use the components? Seems strange that this would not be exposed through the slingbox itself