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    Slingbox 500 Audio stopped working..

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      I just setup a Slingbox 500. It was working perfectly for two day and suddenly the audio stopped working.

      Here's my setup

      DirecTv C41 with HDMI to Component adapter into the Slingbox. 

      If I plug the component adapter straight form the C41 into my TV, I get sound. So I know that cable is good. I've tried 3 other component cables from the SlingBox to the TV and no audio. There's no audio either on the Sling App for my Samsung Tablet.


      I switched to HDMI - yes, I get sound - but I also get almost all channels blocked by copy protection.


      Any ideas why the sound suddenly stopped working via Component?


      Also - I thought copy protection didn't apply if you were using a Tablet/PC connected to the same network as the Slingbox. Was I wrong on that?