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    Slingbox not connecting... Firewall Port Blocking???


      My dad is visiting me at my home and has a Slingbox on his home network.  It works fine when he is on his IPhone or at his work, but when he tries on my network it fails.  It gets to optimizing and then sits there then eventually returns "There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connecting again."  This does not tell us a whole heck of a lot.  I have a firewall on my network which I can configure, but I see connections from many different prots and some ports are being blocked as "invalid packets" by the firewall.  Is there a comprehensive list of ports (other than 5001) that need to be forwarded through the firewall for this connection to work?




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          Hmm... unless you're using a business class router on your network, you shouldn't have to change anything on your firewall.  This is because the standard NAT translation on the typical SOHO router would be able to allow traffic if the connection orginates within your private network.  So, I'm going to assume you have a more advance totalitarian firewall which is set to allow nothing in unless specified.


          The actual streaming and control facilitated between the Slingbox and the Slingplayer is handled through either the UDP or TCP service port typically 5001 since that's the default.  The Slingplayer will also connect to these URLs and port numbers for various reasons.


          • analytics.sling.com (Analytic Server)
          • autoupdate.sling.com (Update Server)
          • ms.sling.com (Management Server)
          • services.sling.com (Sling Accounts, also functions as a DDNS for Slingboxes)
          • sparcs.slingmedia.com (Sling Products Authentication and Registration Control System)
          • secure.sling.com (no clue)
          • relay.sling.com (no clue)
          • msg.sling.com (Slingnet)


          I haven't taken the time to descriminate which ports are associated to which service, but here they all are.


          • 80
          • 443
          • 8080
          • 3074
          • 3724
          • 3490
          • 5678


          You can grab the same information from the Slingplayer's