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    Switch HDMI with Component


      Ok I got that corrected. Non I am receiving this message:

      You TV does not support this programs content. Replacing the TV's HDMI Cable with component cable will allow you to view the the program.

      So I have a DirecTv receiver connected via components to the SB350.

      I get the message on all channels.

      I rebooted the DTV Receiver and the SB 350.

      So why am I getting this message ?

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hello again!


          That message pops up when you run into content protection coming from the cable box.  This can happen if you're running an HDMI cable from your cable box to your TV.  What happens is your cable box detects that it's outputting its content to two different sources, and it shuts off the video signal to what it thinks is a device that steals or downloads that content (it's not what the Slingbox does, but the content protection is still not friendly with it).  Here is some information on this (don't mind the title of the article):



          There are two workarounds for this issue:


          1) Remove the HDMI cable entirely, run a second set of component cables (red, blue, green, red, white) from the Slingbox OUT to the TV, and switch your TV to the component input (you still get HD signal through component cables).


          2) If you want to keep using your TV at home over HDMI, we recommend the use of an HDMI-to-Component converter.  Here is some information about the one we recommend:



          Hope this is helpful!