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    Cannot change change via guide on latest Xfinity TV

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      I attempt to change channel by selecting a program on the guide. However, the channel does not change. The on screen display shows that a channel change has been initiated, but my new Xfinity TV is waiting for an additional press of the OK button to complete the channel change.  I can do this manually by bringing up the remote and pressing OK, but that is not a desirable work around.


      Any suggestions of a better work around?


      My set top box is labeled Xfinity/XG1A. I tried both X1 and X1(XR5) choices in setup and both behaved the same. There is no other choice offered for remote setup that matches my set top box.


      Using Android tablet SlingPlayer 3.6.1

      Setop Box: Xfinity X1GA

      SW:            Xfinity TV XRE54.P6

      Provider:    Digital Comcast Kirkland WA