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    No Video Output


      SB 500 - been using for 2+ years now unit reset and cannot even get video output via HDMI to set-up the unit. Looks like it's working power light on and inverted U lit) but nothing.



      Any ideas welcome thanks

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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Martin,


          Since you are not able to get video signal through the HDMI input, it is very likely that you are experiencing HDCP or SOC. These are two copyright protection softwares that cut off video signal to prevent the download and distribution of the content that is being accessed by a Media Device, in this case, the Slingbox.


          I have place an article below that goes over HDCP and SOC, and also goes over the different work arounds we have to bypass this:



          I hope this helps!!


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            no it's something else. suddenly since 10 days ago all i get from my U-Verse receiver is audio, no pix. i'm using the component output.


            did U-Verse start blocking Sling, or did Sling update something then?

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              I've finally managed to reset my Slingbox after keeping the reset button pressed for 10 good minutes. Now instead of having the set-up screens on my TV I have a flashing inverted U which appears to cycle through various screen rest;union settings. It looks to me that Sling has pushed a failed firmware update??? Can anyone help