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    Does my TV have to remain "on"?


      I set up my new slingbox SOLO and it seemed to work fine at home. I was excited to go somewhere else and try it out from a remote location. I turned my TV and Cable box off when I left. When I connected from a new location, I was able to turn on my cable box but the display on my computer showed a message that said "Your TV does not allow display of this program through the DVI input source." After getting back home and troubleshooting the problem, it seems to be related to whether or not my TV is turned on. If the TV is on I can view the video just fine on my computer. When I turn the TV off, the error message appears again. My TV is not connected to the Slingbox at all. I have an HDMI cable connecting the cable box to the TV and I'm using the composite cables to connect the Slingbox to the cable box seperately. If my TV is not directly connected to the Slingbox, why does its on/off status matter? I don't want to have to leave my TV on all the time when I'm not at home.