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    Pro HD not able to show live tv from directv

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      Within the last couple days when I try to use my sling prohd with the directv receiver it has been hooked to for 3 years, it now says somethign about not being able to show, and to switch from HDMI to component cables.  My receiver has a HDMI directly to tv, and i have the component (RGB) and audio from directv receiiver to sling proHD.  guessing they (directv) have put some **** in during an update or something.  Is there any known workaround.  I can still watch what I have recorded, just no live tv.  My directv setup is the first wave of whole home  (not the genie)

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          If you had done a forum search before posting you would have seen you are now the 7th person to report this in the last 3 days.   It looks as though DirecTV have implemented HDCP to stop you recording (or slinging) HD content.  So you will have to do what they suggest.  Ditch the HDMI cable and feed your TV from the Component OUT plugs on the Slingbox.