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    Which device would work?

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      I have a slingbox classic from 2007. It still works fine. Albeit, my needs have remained pretty basic. At this point I only use it in a browser or the old desktop client application, and this has kept me content.


      However, I now have a non-smart tv in a place with no cable drop. I still use regular analog cable, and don't have any desire to upgrade to digital. It seems that all of the devices available require a STB or input from a video device like DVD player, etc. I have a WD Live device that has a Slingplayer application installed.


      I only wanted to place my classic in a place with both a network drop and F-connector and have the tv plugged in at a different place in the house and use the built in app to display content.

      However, it appears that these embedded applications require a minimum generation of device that is newer than my classic.


      I was looking at one of the currently-available devices, but it seems that these will not accommodate a regular analog cable.


      What would be the recommendation to solve this problem?


      I am not looking at upgrading cable/tv service at any point.