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    Slingbox with a Onkyo HDMI receiver


      I have a Slingbox 500 that currently has a TiVO Mini (HDMI) and a LG DVD player (component) hooked up to it. All works good. I also have an Onkyo TX-NR535 in the mix and near these items. While I have the Slingbox directly connected to the DVD player and TiVo, I was wondering if there is maybe a way to have the Onkyo receiver in the mix as well. I couldn't find a remote code for it during setup. I realize if I choose this Onkyo device on the slingbox, I won't be able to control other component. Again, just playing around here and wondering what my options are and how I may be able to integrate & utilize the Onkyo and Slingbox  with each other and/or used together.