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    Netgear Nighthawk Please don't tell me the solution is to reset the sling box because it isn't

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      I have to post this here despite commenting on another thread because the admin marked that thread as "answered" which it is NOT answered and the comments of people who can't get it to work still are an indication that sling boxes answer is not a real answer.


      I have the sligbox hd pro and my router is the Netgear nighthawk R7000 I have done every step for resetting the sling box and wasted hours trying to get it to function. When the sligbox is plugged into the the router its port led glows amber ON the router. This is an indication that the device is not fast enough for the router, meaning the router is too good for the slingbox HD pro. IF I AM CORRECT, which after many hours of looking online to try and get a straight answer, then this will NOT work with this router. If someone at sling box would PLEASE just say this rather than making me and many others waste a day of our lives troubleshooting an impossible thing PLEASE DO TELL and that would be a little less insult here.

      Netgear support says in their support page "If the device you connected is only capable of 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet LAN connection, the LAN port lights amber to show that it connects at  a slower speed than WHAT IS SUPPORTED by the router."

      This indicates to me that resetting your sling box is WISHFUL THINKING with a netgear nighthawk router and I WOULD LIKE sling box to add this to THEIR customer support and troubleshooting forums rather than pretending that we might get it to work and wasting our time with fruitless solutions.