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    Slingbox Solo Loses Network Connection When Slingplayer Connects


      I have a Slingbox Solo that has worked without fail for over a year .  I have been able to use it all over my house on our multiple laptops, all over the country on my laptop while I travel for business and on my iphone while I am sitting in airports and hotel lobbies.


      I am addicted to my Slingbox.  I love it . But......


      This week, my Slingbox Solo started acting strange .  My husband came to me and said he was unable to connect with his laptop and asked if my iphone would connect.  I tried it and I was able to connect, for about 15-20 seconds and then it lost the connection.  Not having the time to play with it at the moment, I put my troubleshooting off until this evening when I tried again.  This time from my desktop computer.  Again, Slingplayer connected for about 15-20 seconds and then the lost connection message popped up.  Since my desktop sits next to my Slingbox, I was able to notice that my network connection light stays solid until Slingplayer attempts a connection to the box, then it goes out and the connection message pops up on the computer.  After I close out Slingplayer, the network light comes back on .


      I tried unplugging network cables, plugging them back in, removing power, powering back up, no difference, nada.


      I tried a hard reset, figuring I could set the box up again.  Once I had the stable network connection, I hit the reset button, the box did its thing and then I started working through the setup assistant. When I got to the name your slingbox and enter the password screen, boom - network light out, connection lost screen telling me to close out.  Then network light blinks and comes back on a nice solid red.


      I checked my network status on my router and the Slingbox is definitely connected when the network light is lit.  It is almost as if when I ask the Slingbox to do something through the Slingplayer software, something overheats and shuts down the network connection...is that even possible?


      I would love to figure out what is going on with the crazy Slingbox and restore it to its former glory.  Can anyone help me ?  I really don't want to pay for technical support if the response is that I need to go purchase another Slingbox because this one is toasted from a year's worth of use !


      Please help


      Slingless in San Antonio