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    slingbox solo and chromecast

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      I have read that the slingbox solo does not support chromecast.  Does anyone know if it ever will or if there is a sneaky way around it?


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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello John,


          You are correct; the Slingbox SOLO does not work with the Chromecast. The softwares are not compatible with one another at all. Think of it like trying to put a game that required Windows 98 on a Windows 8 computer; if you are lucky it might let you install the program, but it won't run. I have placed an article below that goes over the compatibility of each unit versus the different connected devices:



          The Roku works in an almost identical manner to the Chromecast though, and is compatible with the Slingbox SOLO.


          I hope this helps!