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    Internet Viewing Setup in Japan!


      Hi there,


      I need serious help with this one. I am trying to setup a slingbox pro-hd in Japan. I live in a Mansion(condo) in Japan. My internet connection goes through the building's network, which I have no control of. This means all IPs I got inside my own unit are virtual IPs already. Though there is a main AP inside my unit, I can't make any manual setup or port forwarding myself. I contacted the tech support people for the building, they told me the port 5001 is open for use.


      I had big time issues trying to setup slingbox when I was living in another building. After so many failed attempts, the setup wizzard just somehow finished once at my previous place. I have no idea how it happened. Now, I just moved to this new place, and I have tried so many times. It seems like I have lost the charm and really need some help.


      Have anyone had similar experience before? I was looking at the multiple routers setup, and I wonder if I need to tell the tech support for the building to setup the port forwarding at both their end and the AP inside my unit???


      I really appreciate the help.