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    Slingbox 500 with Comcast Xfinity XI DVR


      Hello all.


      HELP!!!   I have been using my Slingbox 500 for 2 years without problem.  I have Comcast cable.  I was able to connect the HDMI, Composite Video and Audio cables to my box.  Last month, I upgraded to the XI Xfinity system and DVR.  There is ONLY HDMI. 


      FIrst, I wasn't sure how to erase my existing set up.  I think I've done that now.  But then since there was no Composite video connection, as I was setting up the new X1 box, I could never see a picture in the window.  Surely, others have made this type of X1 DVR from Comcast work! 


      I really need advice.  HELP!



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          Samantha.Sling Apprentice

          Hello John,


          In this situation, where you are being affected by HDCP/SOC (the copyright protection softwares that block the video and/or audio when using HDMI) and the only option you have is HDMI, the best option would be to invest in an HDMI Splitter. This will bypass those softwares and allow the signal to pass through without a problem.


          We do have a link to purchase a splitter on our accessories page, which I will link below:



          However, you can also find these in just about any local electronics retailer if you don't want to wait or you are looking for a better deal.


          I hope this helps!!