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    Customising the Remote Image on your Slingplayer

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      Until now you have been limited to using the Remote Image supplied by Sling Media, either as a realistic image or using the default image. But we have found an undocumented feature of the Web Browser Player and the Desktop Player that allows us to customise the image. There are various reasons why you might want to do this:

      1. Make cosmetic changes to the existing image (changing Japanese characters to English or vice-versa)
      2. Change the colour of the remote (black to silver or vice-versa)
      3. Make often-used buttons bigger.
      4. Replace the existing remote image with a completely different one.
      5. Replace the existing remote image with one you have designed yourself. Particularly the default image, which has a number of limitations.

      Note: At this stage this customization works only on a Windows machine.  If any Mac users want to help us figure out what we need to do on that machine, please let me know.

      This is a major enhancement to the Slingbox experience, particularly for those of you using the default image and having to right click on the image to access Custom Buttons.

      A full set of instructions is at Customising the Remote Image on your Slingplayer | Place Shifting Enthusiasts.   Any suggestions for improving it are more than welcome.