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    Component in, hdmi out not working

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      I had to put my 500 away for 6 months, frustrated.


      Using uverse and have H1014 HDCP authentication issues with box using hdmi. Looks fine in the slingbox setup window....but doesnt work whe  using Live TV....go figure!



      1) can i use component in from att uverse ipn330hd box to the 500, and hdmi out from 500 to my monitor? Or is it only "like to like" for inout and output?

      2) why does slingbox show live tv working fine during setup of hdmi, but then fails when setup is done and watching live tv? Uses same signal source.


      Besides switching cable companies, what is best option...if i have to use a hdmi-to-component splitter might as well jusr use component all the way through.