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    Slingbox on web not working.  Works  find on mobile.

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      I have Slingbox Pro HD that has worked fine for a few years now.  Suddenly this weekend, I find that I connect only temporarily (maybe 10 seconds or so) via browser then the video and audio stops.  I still see the main slingbox screen and can still pull up the remote (screen is not freezing) but no picture in the tv window and no sound.  Remote buttons not functional when pressing (including the power button).  Tried latest version of chrome, firefox, and explorer with same issue.  Even tried a different computer within the same SSID network and still same issue.  Tried via ethernet hard wire as well as wireless.


      Downloaded Slingplayer app on web and it works ok but quality is poor and does not appear to provide HD quality.  I can stream slingbox on android mobile devices with no  issue at all (phone and nook).   The mobile devices are using the same SSID network as the windows machines.  ISP is comcast and am running windows 8 on one machine and 7 on another.  Any thoughts?  Thanks.