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    A countdown


      Dont recall the last time I posted on a community forum, but wanted to voice my dismay with Sling Media and the lack of a response to the user base being upset about the ads showing up in the desktop player.


      Needing more revenue is understandable. Using advertisements is even understandable.


      Not giving a response or an alternative to customers to help Sling generate more revenue though is unacceptable. How this was handled was clearly decided in a meeting room without anyone considering the perspective of the customer experience. Sad.


      So then, my question is how many people here are counting down to the next NBA or NFL or NHL season and expecting to buy a new place shifting device if Sling doesnt offer an alternative by that point?


      I tell you what, even though Sling hosed this if you give me an alternative before the season starts I'll jump at it. But if you miss I am gone. As well as any other potential customer I speak to about place shifting hardware and software.