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    Web Browser Suddently Unwatchable but Sling player on Ipad OK, What Gives?

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      I had been using my slingbox 500 (physically in Houston, TX) while stationed in Fairfax VA with no problems for almost a year.  During a recent storm I had problems with my modem and I ended up renting a significantly newer, faster modem from my ISP.  Oddly enough watch.slingbox.com immediately became unwatchably slow with bitrates of below 100kbps.  I have the slingplayer app for  Ipad and it works perfectly while utilizing the exact same network and modem.  In fact when I try and fail to use the web browser player I usually just end up switching the ipad (which is annoying because I'd like to surf the internet while watching tv).  The only real change has been my modem, but because the ipad app works fine using the exact same network I'm at a loss to explain why my laptop connection is suddenly so terrible.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

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          I am in a similar situation. Suddenly on Friday 11 July, the application and all web browsers became nearly unwatchable with lots of stuttering and quality which changed constantly. I used to get perfect HD with rare bandwidth problems, then one day, it's all gone downhill. I have a fiber connection at my home (Germany) and the slingbox itself (south Florida) has a good upload link, point being that the links have plenty of capacity and nothing changed on either end. I too have a little more success on the iPad, but even that is not perfect. I have tested from other locations outside my house and it's the same. Very interested if anyone else experienced the same drop-off in bandwidth all of a sudden and if there is an explanation. My best guess is some routing configuration changed on the ISP side which now takes a longer path to get me to south Florida.