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    A PRO-HD works when I connect from local network, but not from Internet

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      Hello Slingbox gurus,


      recently I bought a used Slingbox PRO-HD. I gave it a hard reset, set it up, connected to a Cable Set-Top box, chose the RCU, etc etc.


      When I now fire up the Sling Player client software on a Windows PC that's in the same network, everything works- I can see video and can control it. When however I try to access the box from outside the local network, Sling Player cannot reach it.


      The box is located in my office, behind company firewall (it's not for personal use, we are a DTV company that's going to remotely test STBs this way).


      I have fired up Setup Assistant, connected to the box and set it up to use TCP port 9001 . I have talked to our IT and they swear TCP port 9001 is wide open to the Internet. So to the best of my knowledge, the box should be able to contact the Sling master server. But it is not - when I try to complete the 'Enable Internet viewing' tour, it fails.


      When I log myslef in www.slingbox.com and go to my Slingbox directory, the box I have set up appears with a little GREY dot to the left of it, which - according to one of my collegues who has Slingbox experience - means the box is not able to contact the master server.


      What ports should we open in the firewall ? Anything besides this one port 9001 that I configured it to use?